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Hey all,
very long term lurker here.
I love apple I have had every iphone, and Im on my second macbook pro. Currently my desktop is a built amd with windows 7 and this is where I do all my editing. Now that I'm getting more and more jobs I'm realizing how much time I'm wasting doing editing with it and waiting for actions to perform on photoshop and lightroom. I understand I could get a much faster windows desktop for the money but I dont want to deal with windows anymore.
I just bought a $400 ips monitor 2 months ago otherwise I would have just bought an i7 imac. Now that I have this monitor I am not sure of the best route.
I will only be using the machine for internet, music, and editing with lightroom4 and photoshopcs6 (probably all 3 at same time). I have a canon 5dmk2 and like using raw files so they tend to be large.
Whats my best option for a fast machine?

I have a budget of $1200 maybe $1300.

I guess these are my options
(also I am aware we may be on the brink of desktop refreshes, so I will wait till the end of October just in case)

1 - get a used mac pro (not sure of best model to look for in this price range)
2 - get macmini server with i7 + cd burner mighty mouse and keyboard
3 - sell my monitor for a loss and get a refurb 27 i7 imac (probably a little over my budget)
4 - other
Thanks in advance all
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