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Try set the WEP on your router, I just tried on my G3 iBook and it wont work on WPA while my pc laptop works on WPA and I change it the WEP and then Mac works while my PC wont work and thats the way it is.... I am learning myself too, I believe its because of airport? Good luck

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I wonder if anyone can advise me on how to set up my old iBook G3 (800MHz PowerPC G3) running 10.2.8 with an AirPort card I've just purchased.

The iBook is finding my wireless network but when I enter the password i get the message "The password you entered is not correct for the selected AirPort network"

The AirPort settings in Network Preferences are
Location : Automatic
Join specific network : shows my network and password

and in the TCP/IP screen again Location Automatic and configure using DHCP

This is the second card I've had rom a very reputable retailer so I imagine this must be an issue with my set up

Many thanks
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