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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
On my iPad, where there are TV shows present on the iPad, they appear under a new button called (cunningly) TV Shows in the Videos app.


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I can only imagine that either you're not tagging the episodes correctly, or you've managed to find a version of MP4 that iTunes can support but not the iOS devices.
It has to be a non-recognized MP4 version that's causing the problem because when I change the video's media to "TV Show" and sync, my MBP iTunes depicts that the "TV Shows" are now taking up storage on my iPad, but my iPad "Movie" app says there are no movies (whatsoever) and doesn't even give me a Movies/TV Shows toggle switch at the top (just a prompt to visit the iTunes store to buy movies and tv shows).

Your pic of the Movies/TV Shows toggle switch is the first time I've seen that (never on my iPad).
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