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Alright - So last night I was shutting my computer down for the was late, and I was tired. So I put the computer to sleep, and after the screen went to black, I figured that the Lacie had shut itself down -

So I turned it off...only for the Mac to wake up and inform me that the Lacie had not been removed properly..."The Device may be Damaged or Destroyed" Alert...(I know, I felt like an idiot...)

So I turn the Lacie back on...and doesn't make a sound, and the Mac doesn't discover it...

I shut the computer down, turn the lacie off, and then turn it back on, and then boot up the mac (it's an iMac G5 by the way), and once again...nothing, the Lacie is lifeless.

Is my Lacie dead!?!?!? What can I do to fix this....???
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