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Okay, I HAD a ton of videos (135) in .MOV format and converted all of them to .MP4 format so that they'd play on my iPad.
Then I came across a post saying that if I changed the media type from "Movie" to "TV Show" that I could put them into playlists.
So, I did change all of the formats to "TV Show".
iTunes converted them to TV Show and moved them out of my Movies folder and into my TV Shows folder.
I then created playlists and categorized the videos in question.
Then I synced my TV Shows to my iPad (which took about twice as long as originally syncing the MP4 videos, oddly enough).
Now that the sync is done, my iTunes usage meter on my computer shows all of the videos taking up space on my iPad, but my iPad doesn't have a single video or "TV Show" on it.

What am I missing?

Does the iPad play .MP4 videos in the "Videos" section, but the "TV Shows" need to be in a different format?


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