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So, I've had my beautiful iMac since around 2007. I love this thing, I've used it every day. My model of iMac can only operate up to Snow Leopard. Lion/Mountain Lion will never be available, so I plan to upgrade once I have the funds. But for the past year and a half or so, I've been having a LOT of problems with this Mac...

Such as:
-- Screen tearing (sometimes I'll minimize safari and part of the window will stay on the screen until I highlight or drag something over it)
-- Sometimes my apps (safari/itunes especially) will unexpectedly close and not re-open correctly until I RESTART my mac entirely.
-- I get Kernel Panics almost daily at this point. Sometimes even 2-3 times a day. The screen will wipe gray and force me to shut down via the power button being held down. This isn't a safe way to shut down, obviously, and I'm forced to do it multiple times a week.
-- Websites like Youtube ESPECIALLY, will randomly cause a kernel panic. In fact, about 75% of my Mac's kernel panics are from youtube videos I'd say. This particularly sucks, because I quite enjoy winding down a day with some videos.
-- On top of youtube causing forced shutdowns, I'll be watching videos and FREQUENTLY the video will stop, exit fullscreen, and over the video pops up a gray box saying "Plugin failure" or something of that nature.

I have a Problem Report from safari randomly closing pulled up on my screen as I type this, it just happened. The report, however, is much too long to post here, as if my post isn't long enough.

Is there anyone that can help me troubleshoot as much as possible? I've taken it to an Apple store and didn't have the funds, and I'd just like to be able to safely operate it without as much frustration until I can afford a new Mac. Could it be one bad file somewhere?
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