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Originally Posted by kilo_17 View Post
I'm shocked, you were right, it's not dead! Plugged it in today and it booted right up. With the hard drive unplugged I get a blinking Mac sign and a ? going back and forth. Also, since it's a tray-loader I think the latest FW version is 3.0, which it says it has, so I don't think that's where the trouble lies. Still can't boot from the CD, holding C at startup doesn't make a difference, and holding Option doesn't bring me to a Startup just boots like normal.
You should of told us its a try loader. The firmwares messed up, thats why it wouldnt restart. When you installed 9.2 it has to be a universal install or a install for that Imac. Something about the way or the CD you made with the OS9 on it is not right.

check the firmware version in Open Firmware: immediately after powering-on your iMac, hold down the 4 keys: Apple-Option-O-F. At the top of the screen you should see the Boot ROM version and the date. The version numbering is a bit odd. Here are the common firmware versions for the tray-load iMac:

3.0.f3, build date 12/02/98
3.0.f10, build date 03/05/99
3.0.f2, build date 04/23/99 (this is the 1.2 firmware update)
3.0.f3, build date 07/16/99 (if you have this then you are really up-to-date; no further action required!)
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