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Thanks for replying

I'm not positive it's an intel - so it probably is a G5, which would explain it!

I have monitors to plug in, but none of them use anything other than VGA, DVI, or HDMI - no DP (if that's what the mac uses, it looks it) - any ideas?

If it turns out it is the GPU when I find a monitor to plug in (I'm pretty sure the mac's internal screen is fine, as there's no problems with the POST, Apple logo and rotating thing etc - can I replace the GPU easy/cheap?

all replies really appreciated - and comments acknowledged about not being worth it (but I may have an Apple hyped person who's blindly in love with macs and would pay stupid money for it )

EDIT - Sorry, I neglected to mention the fact that the bottom doesn't seem to state anything other than the serial number and RAM replacement instructions ETC...

EDIT 2 - Is the GPU dedicated do you know, or would I have to replace the WHOLE logic board? If it's dedicated I can probably chuck in some Nvidia 400 series (supposedly perfect comparability)
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