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Hi all,
I'm new here so if I'm posting in the wrong section or something, be nice

Okay... I got given a Mac (which I'm told was obtained brand new in 2006/7) which I don't know the model of, as it supposedly "stopped working".

I'm told by the people who gave it to me (not very tech savvy) that it started making loud fan noises, getting hot - getting "weird screen issues" and having the screen "go blank".

I don't know much about Macs but know my stuff with PCs in general.

I'm guessing the system fan failed (can I replace this cheap?), causing the GPU to overheat.

I'm trying to leave it off so as to not damage any components, but turned it on once to see what happened.

It posted fine, made the usual musical noise (no visual problems up to this point, screen works fine supposedly), and then booted into OSX, where it had TONS of visual artifacts, and I can barely move the mouse.

The CPU, RAM, and HDD are all obviously working, and so hopefully not damaged!

What do you reckon is wrong? How much to fix it?

If you need any pictures or information please reply or PM me!


P.S - screenshot attached, icon labels blurred out in grey for privacy of person who gave me the mac.

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