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I'm just sitting here and the computer pops back on. I've unplugged all unnecessary devices and it stays on. The only time it's going away is when I turn off file sharing. I'm going to be messing with those settings to see where the problem could be.

I'm going through the "Sharing" settings in the system prefs instead of the firewall which I did last time.

Check this out.
Inside sharing -> "Computers on your local network can access your computer at: "home.local"
I changed this to "cflare.local" -> turned off all file and printer sharing -> locked my settings -> waited 5 minutes and computer didn't show back up (revealing that it was something in here). -> Then I changed the name back to "home.local", and turned back on printer and file sharing because I decided to mess only with one setting at a time starting with the file sharing.

After turning my file sharing back on, the name "" changed to "cflare" even with the computer location set at "home.local". Finding this strange, I changed the name to "overthere.local" -> waited 5 minutes and the shared computer never came back. -> I changed it back to "home.local" and now the computer name is "overthere".

This got me to thinking, what happens not when I unplug the router but unplug the modem. "Shared" computer stays. Unplug the router, it goes away. WIFI is turned off and all other computes in the house is off.
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