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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
There's not a whole lot of troubleshooting you can do yourself…but one thing you can do is something that is related to the ram. Even though the ram was never upgraded since new…this doesn't mean the ram couldn't have gone bad with it while you've had it. Or maybe one of the ram slots themselves has gone bad.

Your iMac has 2 ram slots…and most likely has two sticks of ram installed in it (one in each ram slot)…probably 2 x 1gig sticks of ram. So we have:

- ram slot 1
- ram slot 2

- ram stick A
- ram stick B

The idea is to try all combinations to see if one of the sticks of ram are bad…or one of the ram slots are bad (only one stick of ram installed at a time). So you would need to do:

Test #1: Slot 1 + Stick A
Test #2: Slot 1 + Stick B
Test #3: Slot 2 + Stick A
Test #4: Slot 2 + Stick B

This may or may not be the problem…but by doing the tests…you can at least eliminate it as a possibility…and it's one of the troubleshooting things you can do without a repair shop or special diagnostic software.
Interesting, I tried all four variations. Only one of them would actually power on the computer to the gray screen with the apple logo. It still did the kernel panic. The other 3 variations would not power on the screen. It stayed black while the white power light in the front of the monitor housing blinked off and on. Nothing happened even though I could hear the computer making noises.

Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
One additional thought. You should have gotten 2 gray-colored disks which this computer when new. Disk #2 has a "Hardware Test" program on it. You could run it…and it may possibly turn something up as the problem.

- Nick
I put in the first disk a week ago and ran the test. I cannot remember exactly but I believe it was a software test. Only problem now is that the disc will not eject at all, so I am unable to try to put in the second disk.
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