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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Many times…kernel panics are hardware based…and the most common hardware issue (related to kernel panics)…is installing incorrect ram.

So my questions would be:

- Was the ram ever upgraded in this computer?
- If so, where did the ram come from?
- Who did the install?

There of course are other hardware issues that can cause kernel panics. Sometimes these are related to the logic board…and if that's the case…you're talking "mucho dinero"!
Good thought on the ram, but the ram was never upgraded on the computer. I never had anything else additional added on to it. I cannot think of a particular reason why it started happening. One day it just happened and progressively got worse. I definitely do not want to spend a lot on trying to find the right repair for it, since I already purchased another computer.

Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
This is actually a pretty good computer for everyday computing (internet, e-mail, etc.)…but if it's broke…then it's just a BIG paper-weight!

- Nick

p.s. With the specs provided…this computer is actually a bit newer than mentioned in the initial post. It's actually a 2008 model…not 2007. Hey…every year helps!

p.p.s. Additionally (with the specs given) this computer is worth more. If it was working 100% (which it isn't)…it would be worth closer to $650. But again…without knowing what is wrong with it…its current value is really hard to put a number on.
The computer was great while it was working. I ended up getting another iMac after this one broke and have not had any problems. I could not recall exactly when I purchased it, but it must have been early 2008. I agree it is very hard to place a value on it while it is broken. Hard decision between taking it in to see what a repair place thinks about it or just letting it go.
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