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Okay, taking Bill's advice I restarted the router one last time. Something I've done several times before. So far the computer has not shown back up. Here's what I did. I'm sure most is overkill but don't waist the 8 hours I have so far today if this may work for you in the first 5 minutes.

1. unplug modem.
2. turn off computer
3. unplug router.
4. wait.
5. plug in modem wait of all green lights.
6. plug back in router. wait. then hard reset (press the pinhole).
7. Start computer
8. log into router, factory reset, set router back up, changing wireless name to ATF Surv van #47.
9. Watch crackheads from next door leave.

So far the "Shared " computer has not shown back up. I'm keeping a close eye on it though.

This happened shortly after I updated: iTunes & Mamp pro 2.1.1. Last night my router kept crashing, knocking everything off line. All this combined could have done something.

The computer disappeared when I was either offline (so it's not internal), or when I stopped all file-sharing in my firewall.

I really hope this helps.
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