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Thanks Bill!!!

1. I don't have an remote desktop installed.
2. I have virtual box but haven't used it in months.
3. I have rebooted my computer, modem and router
4. When I do "who" it gives me

Brian console Sep 28 12:08
Brian ttys000 Sep 28 19:08

5. I have restarted the router and the modem but I will again. I have changed the admin password as well.
6. netstat -a gives me a bunch of stuff. 65+ lines before I get to the local unix. I don't know if that's normal. In the Local Address Column, all IPs are my local machine. However, there are a bunch of *.kerberos or *.ipp. I don't know if there should be wildcards. Also two of the responses had my local machine trying to connect to Kansas and the other to Germany. This could be due to any chrome extension.
7. The whois is my ISP in my town. Just not my house. I did call them to see if this could be their system trying to do something. They said it wasn't.

The ip address is not pinging back for me either. I'm assuming that 24-116-99-251 is refering to an IP address.

Thanks for any reply.
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