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I have an original Mac Pro 1,1. It hasn't been used in awhile, its still running 10.4 haha.

OSX Lion is listed as a compatible operating system (I know 10.8 can be installed with some hacks, but I want this machine to be stable).

The computer will be used for office work (internet, MS Office, Acrobat) and some light Aperture work. Currently it has 1GB of RAM and a Nvidia 7300gt GPU.

How much RAM should be added to this machine? I was thinking an additional 4GB for a total of 5GB. My MBP runs 10.8 smoothly with 4GB.

In terms of a GPU upgrade, will the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT be sufficient, or should I use an unsupported card such as Radeon HD 5750?

Due to the fact that future OS's will not be compatible with this machine, I am not trying to sink alot of money into it. A used 8800GT and 4GB of RAM cost around $200 in total.

Thank you for the help!

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