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Upgraded my macbook Pro Unibody last week with a Kingston SSD. The MBP is a 2008 model C2D 2.53gHz which I've already added 4 gigs of 3rd party ram to. It's now the proud owner of a Crucial M4 6GB/s drive and boots.... like nothing I've seen before (think the MP 2008 2.8gHz 8 core in my basement allows me to say that!) All I did was use Disk utility to restore the drive from the mac onto the SSD in an external enclosure, repaired disk permissions on the SSD and swapped them over. Can't ever consider going back to a 2.5 inch mechanical drive on my macbook again. Now considering the same option on the Mac Pro, but think that might just be taking the pee. Oh and Dreamweaver boots in 4 seconds now, firefox before the icon even jumps for a second time, webpages are faster (remember pages are designed to cache to your drive), no more spinning wheel and saving any doc is done instantly. The MBP is a 5,1, so think it's sata 2 and the drive's sata 3, so not even getting max throughput!
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