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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Well to me it seemed like (to cast an example) someone asked "hey, is there a good smartphone around?" and everyone replying with various Android models, forgetting the obvious.

And since you apparently weren't aware that iPhoto did it (judging from your reply), I thought it important to mention.

To lylasmummy: iPhoto should have been included on your Mac. If for some strange reason it is not there, you can buy it from the Mac App Store for $15 I believe. The latest version SHOULD work with Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion, but check the specs on the Mac App Store page for iPhoto to be sure.

I'd also suggest the upgrade to Mountain Lion if your machine is eligible. For $20 you get a lot of nice features and polish.
Thanks for your help. No its not there for some reason, I bought it 2nd hand and its running Lion, late 09 model. I will upgrade to Mountain Lion and then download iPhoto. THANKS again
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