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Originally Posted by thistlecush View Post
read on a number of blogs that some people encounter issues with these two latter setups and the upload/download speed can be a bit iffy when using a wireless set up.
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

Today's WIFI is reasonably speedy for everyday use. Once a blue moon I have the need copy an entire HD to another HD and don't feel like waiting so I pull out the ole CAT6 cable and go gigabit speed.

I got my first laptop in 1995 and the first thing you realize having a small portable computer is that you have to compromise. Lugging everything include the kitchen sink with you defeats the purpose of a laptop, so yes I get to my other stuff via the LAN since day #1 and never regretted it since. In 1998 I had the first IBM wireless adapter at 1 (yes ONE) mbit speed. Hey at that time, that was fast compared to the 56K dial up I was working with!
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