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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
The reputation system is used to recognize people that were helpful to you in a post and admonish those that weren't..kinda how it works in real life. The post counts and all don't really matter, but the rep of the poster is of greater value, IMHO.

There is no way of marking a post as answered or anything and things are usually an ongoing discussion, but if you are satisfied with the answers given in your threads, you can just move on and others with similar problems might jump in or ask additional questions. We'll only close out threads that become inundated with spam or other things that violate the community guidelines..
I usually forget about showing some way of thanking a person who has helped me, so I was not sure how to do that with a few of your posts. I guess the icon with the thumbs up is the way to say, "You helped me." I hope so because I added some of those to a few of your replies that helped me. I did this after the fact, because I did not see this small thumbs up icon before.
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