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I work side-by-side with a graphic designer - he does print work on an iMac, I do web graphics on a Windows box. I needed one of his fonts (he uses Suitcase to organize them), so we tried to copy it from his machine via FTP, but that's not working - I basically get 0-byte files.

I logged into his machine via telnet and took a look at the files, and all of those files say they're 0 bytes. However, when we look at the fonts on his system via Finder, the files look perfectly fine and range anywhere from 44k to 120k. At first I thought that maybe it was symbolic link or something, but that's not the case.

So basically - everything says that the files are 0 bytes long except for Finder (and he can use those fonts w/o any problem). I've double-checked - there's no duplicate files so we're all looking at the same set of files. It's got me stumped. Any thoughts (besides that his Mac secretly hates my PC)?

- Jonathan
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