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I looked at the link you provided and read some of the articles. Everything I can find are instructions to install an SSD in place of an existing HDD. But that's not the situation I'm in. I already have an SSD that was factory installed. I just want to replace it with a larger capacity one, or possibly one from a 3rd party.

I was hoping that, because my machine already has an SSD, the process of swapping it out for a larger capacity one wouldn't be that difficult. Maybe you or someone else can help me with the particulars of what is involved...

--Once I remove the LCD (which I see how to do from videos online), will I have direct access to the SSD, or will I have to remove the optical drive to access the SSD?

--Once I remove the existing SSD, what modifications, if any, will be required?

--Is the formfactor for the Intel 520 different than the formfactor for the apple stock SSD? And if it is, does anyone know if there are any 3rd party SSD's with a formfactor that's identical to the apple SSD?


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