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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post

I would venture to say that the benchmark you're looking for is probably too specific of a scenario. .
No, it isn't. The various online tech sites test things like this constantly. Every single area of performance is looked into with careful benchmarks, yet application speed on a SSD boot drive has never even been mentioned.

I'm not being stubborn, I'm being careful. You have an opinion, backed up by zero evidence, and I'd very much like to know the correct answer.
Once again, every tech that has ever commented on this issue has said there should be NO increase in application speed or efficiency. So, if you have specific evidence to back up your position, I'd very much like to know about it. If you don't, then I think you should stop claiming what you are claiming, because a lot of folks are probably wasting hard-earned money for almost no gain.

This is a great forum, it has helped me a lot, but you know, it's OK to be wrong once in a while.
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