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Since this is a sticky, let me ask a completely different question:

For those of us power users, (A/V pros, etc) who use many drives, spending big bucks for a large SSD boot drive is not an automatic thing. $$$ can always be spent elsewhere, like for A/V drives, more ram, etc.
One has to ask the obvious question, for which I can find no answer:

Does switching to an SSD boot drive offer any benefits besides just faster boot times? I mean, who really cares about faster boot times?

OK, there is an advantage in power usage, but few pros are going to care about that.
There's in advantage in heat generation, which I guess has some merit.

- But what about application speed? Do huge applications (Protools, Photoshop, etc) run any faster with an SSD boot drive? I don't mean the sessions themselves, which are always going to be on a separate drive anyway, I mean the applications themselves, which do reside on the boot drive.

I have search many times, and can't find a single piece of data on this. I thus assume the answer is "no," but it would be very good to know for sure.

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