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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
This is going to be a problem if you're trying to patch a monolithic file. Your best bet is to provide an application to do the patching on the end user's system.

I'm not familiar with the way that Unity creates applications but it sounds like it creates binaries similar to "traditional" OS X ones - it's a binary that's actually contained in an elaborate container (archive for Unity, folder for OS X). If this is indeed the case, can you not simply create an application that patches the end user's copy by decompressing their copy of the Unity package, replacing the necessary files and recompressing it?
Yes, I can simply replace the files, but then the size of the game will be mostly the same, and not an actual patch.
But it seems what I'm trying to find doesn't exist in OS X, I don't get why.
The closest I found was Ipatch( ) , but it's old, and crashes.
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