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Is it as fast? - to me it seems really fast. i notice the speed when processing videos, editing RAW pictures, and doing all the things i do on my comp
is it robust? crash prone? well, i would say it is pretty stable. i'll put a cons section at the end though
startup time - ya mine boots in about 10 or so seconds. its pretty slick! i can fully restart computer and be up and running same speed within a minute!
RAM - i said since this is HARDWIRED on to the logicboard, just get 16gb to you don't have to worry about it later.
processor for handling complex things - i don't know much about 3d apps, but i do photoshop, final cut pro, video encoding, etc. it does a very solid job of this stuff.
10.8.1 works fine
retina is good but there is a problem on many of the screens regarding Image retention - i'm having this issue as well and will be going to an authorized apple service company to see if they can change it up. there are two screen versions, one made by LG, one made by samsung. mine was made by lg, and they seem to be more prone to image retention issues...
Other things - Having hdmi is very nice, usb 3.0 is a HUGE bonus. no cd is meh... i would just get an external bluray if i needed one... placing the two usb slots on either side of the computer is finally here!! took apple long enough, but now my bigger usb things actually fit on the computer at the same time.
Scale of 1 to 10 - 8.5.. will go to a 9.5 if i can get my image retention issues resolved. its actually quite bad right now...
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