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Originally Posted by pendlewitch View Post
The equipment may be disabling the app when it goes to sleep perhaps?
Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
As Pendlewitch aludes to the AppleTV has sleep settings. If the AppleTV goes to sleep then it won't appear on the network and you won't be able to send anything to it via AirPlay.

Have a look in Seittings - General on the AppleTV and change the 'sleep after....' setting to never. and try again

Yes, i have already set the sleeping mode to "never" before creating this post, so the white light is always on, and there are some wallpapers in the screen. But the problem remains...

Originally Posted by osxx View Post
Do you have CEC,PBC or ARC enabled as all these are two communication in HDMI and they do control what is connected.
What are those CEC, PBC and ARC? I dont know anything about them. Maybe that's the problem... Thank you...
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