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Hi again,

I'm back with another question. Now that I am comfortable with buying a refurbished iMac, thanks to everyone's responses here, I'd like to know what you all think about buying a used/refub'd 24" iMac? I am currently using this sized monitor for my PC and I LOVE this size! Why did Apple stop producing the 24's?!?

So basically I will be using this machine for everyday typical net surfing, watching movies on Netflix (well, my kids will be watching movies on Netflix), playing games (mostly hidden object games, not the fancy, fast moving, high graphics games that people play now a days), social networking and simple word processing. I've seen quite a few for sale on ebay and mac of all trades dot com. They come with at least a 90 warranty, so they can't be THAT bad right? What are your thoughts? Oh, and if I should have posted this elsewhere, please let me know. I searched for used 24" iMac's but didn't find anything close to what I am looking for.

Thanks again,

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