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I was considering buying one of these, as I do watch a lot of streaming media from sites like YouTube / NetFlix / BBC iPlayer / etc. and also a lot of offline digital media downloaded to my computer's harddrive.

However, I then realised, I do already do this; I have my 1080p HDTV as my desktop computer's monitor - comfortably running at native 1920*1080 resolution - meaning I already can watch content in full HD (when it's available).

So, as neat & good value for what it is as it may be; are there any actual specific benefits to this device vs. a full computer (I have a wireless keyboard & mouse, so the Apple Remote is of only negligible benefit); or is it just a small, cheap alternative to having to buy a fully-fledged computer to dedicate to one television, unnecessary if one already has a computer dedicated to one's TV?

Cheers for any insights / relevant experience with the device

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