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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
I was gonna say basically what chscag said. I'm not saying you shouldn't keep a copy of Lion around in case something went sideways on the ML install ... I still have a bootable clone of my Lion setup from just before I upgraded (because I haven't done a clone since) on an external drive ...

I was wondering why one would have partitions on a single drive of the two nearly-identical OSes, that's all. Sorry if my meaning wasn't clear.

So far, Mountain Lion has been a real delight and no issues, so I should probably update my clone.
I didn't know exactly how you meant it or how to take it so I just let it slide. I got my first Apple computer in February and don't know all the good features / programs like several of you have mentioned. What I did know was I could partition my drive and install ML and still keep Lion around just in case.

Having said / done that, now I've read that partitioning a drive with info already on it is a good way to mess up the info you already have on it, if that makes any sense. So I got lucky because all my stuff on the other half of my drive is still there. Now I've got to figure out how to move the info from the Lion side to the ML side. But I'll start another thread with that question if I can't figure it out / find the answer here somewhere.

I do appreciate your help and believe me, no apology needed.

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