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Before downloading Mountain Lion, I partitioned my 750 gig drive in two equal partitions. One partition has the original Lion and I installed Mountain Lion on the new (empty) partition. I've been asked by several "why in the world did you do that?" I don't have a convincing answer except I wanted the latest greatest OS available but wanted to keep the one I was happy with just in case.

I thought with two OS installed, I would have the option upon startup which one to login on but I don't. Mountain Lion starts up automatically without any input from me.

Is there a way to have a choice when the computer starts up?

To tell the truth, I haven't found a lot of difference in the stuff I use on my Macbook Pro between the Lion and Mountain Lion. I know there are differences and with time I'll find out how to use them. I've only owned an Apple computer since this past February so I'm still learning my way around with the help of forums like this.
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