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Originally Posted by Macman
I'm not sure about the idvd thing, but I can tell you that the buffer underrun error is not caused by your dvd burner, if you have many apps open while burning, or any depending on how much ram you have, that will cause it, among other things.

This buffer underrun problem that I'm trying to fix, I definitely don't have any other apps running at the same time as a burn (except for the Mac processes that run in the background at all times). I made sure that I closed down every other app. I have 768MB or RAM and am running iDVD from iLife 04 (v4.0.1).

I know I should buy iLife 05 coz it allows you to create your DVD image then burn the image, rather than iDVD 4 which makes you do it all in 1 go. But I bought an extra 512MB or RAM to try and resolve the problem and it hasn't.

I never used to have this problem with iDVD 03 by the way.

Any other thoughts please?


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