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Could anyone help as I'm thinking of buying a new external DVD writer as I keep getting buffer underrun with my old one when burning DVDs from iDVD.

I wondered if anyone has tried (or if it's possible) to burn to a double layered DVD (8.5GB) from iDVD. Does iDVD give you the option to burn to these DVDs or will it burn to the old standard (i.e. 4.7GB)? Naturally, with 8.5GB the compression need not be so high so in theory I'd get a better quality picture.

Does the newer version of iDVD allow you to select the external DVD player and the DVD's capacity or is that only something like Toast that uses this? I'm assuming that Toast can't burn using the iDVD themes, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

You see, I'd like to keep iDVD's themes which you don't get via QuickTime.


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