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Apologies if this is not posted on the correct forum - brand new user - I am at wits end! I cannot phone a technician - I have 2 problems, I dont speak french (I am currently in Mauritius till year end), and the likely hood of me finding an english Apple technician in Mauritius is very slim! So I have tried LogmeIn services with Technicians in South Africa, but due to limited Mac knowledge they give up.

Please help! I have limited skills, so hence my user name So this is the vibe with my problem -
I cannot view my website iOrganise | helping you get stuff done and iOrganise | helping you get stuff done from my computer or my netbook.I was able to view my site on both devices in beginning of July then it stopped working. I cannot view it from any browser such a Mozilla Firefox, Safari, (Internet Explorer on my netbook).
I have internet connection, and can view other sites - international, .coms, South african but just not my own two.
My web guy in South Africa says there is no issue as far as he can see
The site is not blacklisted
I had assistance in viewing the IP Trace and it leaves home, but gets blocked before it reaches South Africa.
The message I get is that the server is not responding.
I can view the site on
Other people can few my site, in Mauritius and South Africa

If anyone is willing to talk me through it on Skype? or post a detailed reply... I think I have enough know how to follow through.
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