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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
In this day and age, iCloud as IvanLasston has stated is the best way, with the Mac that has the ability to do this. Im also curious as to why ?? Security ? Bandwidth ?
The other way is to sync both your Mac's with the iPhone. Takes time, but with wireless syncing now should be a breeze.
I've never really used iCloud except to track the location of a device but my understanding was that even if i used iCloud, I'd have to log into the iCloud website to view my data...right?

I know it may sound picky or anal or whatever you wanna call it but I don't like having to log into to view the information...for example...if i make a calendar appointment and i want that appointment to immediately sync to all my devices, i'd have to do it on the icloud website right?

if i'm wrong, PLEASE correct ideal want is for example, make an appointment on my iphone calendar and immediately it syncs to my macbook air calendar application...or vice versa...

same thing with contacts, if i create a contact on my iPhone, immediately makes a copy of it to my contacts application on my macbook air..if icloud can do this, i will begin to use icloud immediately....

the reason is because I have the app shortcut to calander on my computers desktop and simply clicking on it gives me a view of my calendar and my appointments.

It's quick, and easy...I don't want to have to log into a website to be able to see this information...that is why if I'm able to sync my iphones data (contacts & calendar)...It just makes life easier for me...

(sorry for the long reply)
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