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Hi everyone,

I am heavily considering purchasing two iMacs for home use. I spent some time on the Apple website and learned that purchasing a refurbished machine is just as good as buying new. I'm pretty sure I will be buying a 21.5" and a 27" however I have some concerns after reading about the "dusty" blemishes that typically occur after approximately 4-5 months of use. Is anyone familiar with this problem? What I read was after a few months dust from the internal fan causes a dusty coating on the inside of the screen between the LCD and the glass. I may have the direction of the "dust" in the wrong location, but either way I'd just like to know if anyone has experienced this problem. Also, several people have stated Apple replaced the screen more than once and others said the entire machine had been replaced.

What should I do? Is this an issue with older machines only or does this still happen?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am attempting to transition away from PC's altogether and I took my first step with the latest generation iPad a few months ago. I also got some advice from members on this site which was quite helpful. That's why I came back.

Thanks in advance,

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