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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
Wouldn't installing something like ActivePerl obviate the need to do something like this? They even have Tk available in their PPM (here).
Of course. And it works well. You still have the problem of breakage on occasion when Apple pulls the rug out from under the Unix utilities, but it is easy to just reinstall. I have seen some .pm modules that wouldn't run under ActivePerl, but they were fairly obscure code that few people would use, and most of the problems seemed to be that ActivePerl was Windows-centric for a long time and a few vestiges of that still remain in the current downloads.

But, I do it the manual way so I can maintain the exact same environment between OSX, Linux and BSD. In the past, that was valuable since I could continue to develop on a much less pleasant to to use Linux desktop while I was trying to figure out just what the new Xcode or update had done to my OSX setup.

But either way works fine as long as Perl and modules load and run. I just posted because of all the hits I was seeing on other forums about "Why does refuse to load on Snow Leopard..." and so forth.
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