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Recently, my iMac has started to stutter when I'm doing anything, e.g playing a movie file, it starts stuttering, and then the video will stop while the audio continues...

In Logic, it won't play a song, starts OK, then starts stuttering, then comes to a stop.....

In general use, the cursor will not move smoothly, when I move my mouse, it jumps across the screen, missing out all the space between....

When I reboot, it's ok for a few minutes,then starts, and gets gradually worse until I need to reboot again.

It started a few weeks ago, but is gradually getting worse, to the stage where I can't do much on my mac.

iMac 24", 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667 DDR2 Ram, 1TB HD.

Also, I've repaired disk permissions, to no avail.

Any advice appreciated please.
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