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Apologies everyone. I posted this earlier in the graphics forum. Decided to re-post here as it seems more relevant.

By way of some pre-purchase research, I'm trying to get some unbiased views on my possible imminent decision to move from my outdated 4Gb ram 1.8Ghz PPC G5 running OS 10.4 to a new 21.5" 2.7 Ghz Imac.

I use my G5 and before that a G4 for my work as a professional illustrator, working mostly in Illustrator and Photoshop. PSD Files are typically around 30Mb, but are occasionally up to a few hundred Mb's. Current Photoshop/Illustrator version is CS2.

I always work with two displays - a 30" Apple Cinema HD and a 20" Apple Cinema.

Cost restraints mean I have to make my decision very carefully. I neither want to spend a fortune on power I'll never need, nor upgrade to something that will be showing its limitations within a few years.

So with all that said, my decision is starting to come down to the 21.5" 2.7Ghz Imac. It seems this machine will be able to run my 32" screen as well as its own display (with the appropriate cable) and I am nearly sure the extra power available relative to my old G5 will mean I will have a machine that will run significantly more quickly than my G5 (opening and saving operations mostly) and will remain acceptably quick for at least another 5 years of software upgrades, small changes in working methods, etc.

Maybe a tricky question, but based on what I've said, can anyone confirm for sure that moving from an old 1.8 G5 to a new 2.7 Imac will give me a significant speed/efficiency improvement and will not prove to be a waste of money within a couple of years?

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