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Originally Posted by Germany_chris View Post
Trade and cash changes things a bit..

Make the trade, I do all of the thngs you do and more on a less powerful machine. When the trade happens make sure to get the grey install disk's I cannot stress this enough, if the person doesn't have them see if apple will send them some new ones. You will need the grey disks sometime!!

Remember OSX is not Windows don't expect things to work the same way. Tip to install something double click on the .dmg and drag the icon to the applications folder.
Yeah, that made me feel a little more sure of it all as well. He does have the discs, thanks for reminding me to make sure I get them though! I've used the machine for around an hour, it works fine, I couldn't see any damage or anything to indicate it's got problems. Thanks for the tip! I'm sure I'll be around here looking for more! I'm thinking I'll go ahead and make the jump later today. Thanks for the info guys!
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