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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
Based on the use you've said so far, and the fact that you're getting an iMac and cash, that iMac will serve you fine. You'll find that OS X tends to work better on what (by the numbers) might seem to be a lesser machine than one running Windows. So you might not notice any decrease in performance, if anything it might just fit you..

OS X is quite a different OS, so it might take you a little bit to ease into it..
Thanks! Yeah, he called this morning not long after I made that post to offer some cash with it. Well, I played with it a bit yesterday when he talked about it. Even with the lower specs on paper, it seems much snappier to me just doing the basics. I know that just by the nature of OS X it's hardware needs are not as high as Windows per task being done, to an extent. I know that iMac won't be good for any of the really extreme tasks, but like I said, I don't really have a need for that much power. Even if I pass on the deal & just wait until I save for a brand new iMac, I won't be getting the top of the line, I simply don't need it.

Thanks again!
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