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Originally Posted by Germany_chris View Post
You have a nice, not great Windows machine and you're considering trading it for a much less powerful computer iMac..

The iMac will do what you want now and likely in the future.

i7 2600
Nvidia 560 ti?
Some HD's

If you're going to keep the storage it'll need to be external therefore clutter.
I don't think I'd make that trade particularly if it's a k processor. The 67/68/77 chipsets really are the best in a lone time.
Thanks for the input! Yeah, I am considering it. He's offered to pay some cash to make the deal "more fair" for me, which makes it even a little more tempting. I realize it's a big hit in hardware, but like I said I don't really have a need for so much power at the moment. After changing jobs, my needs for the storage, processing power, and graphics card are no longer present. My own personal files take up MAYBE 300-400GB. The 6TB was all business. About the most intense thing I'd be doing with it would be light photo editing and possibly cutting up/editing the odd family video every now and then.

I just am not familiar enough with OS X to know what is decent and what I need to stay away from. My uses are fairly light and as long as this iMac is a viable machine to use over the next year and a half or so, that's the main concern I have with it. Thanks again! Every bit of knowledge helps!
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