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Originally Posted by OneBlueSky View Post
Hello everyone!

Forgive me if this is the wrong section, I couldn't quite decide where I should post this.

I have a guy offering to straight trade me his 2009 iMac 21.5 inch for my Windows desktop. Sounds like a dream deal for most people I guess? But the thing is, my Windows machine is far beyond it spec-wise, and cost a fair bit more at the time of purchase and with the upgrades. I'm only considering it because my Windows machine is overkill for me. For what I do now, this machine is just not necessary. When I bought it, I had a real need for the power, but now I don't.

Specs for both follow. I'm mainly curious if this model iMac is getting "long in the tooth" or wouldn't be a wise choice to use over the next year/year and a half until I can afford to upgrade to a brand new Mac.

Windows Machine (7, 64bit)
3.4GHz Intel i7
NVIDIA graphics with 2GB VRAM
6TB total internal storage

iMac 21.5 inch (Has Lion)
3.06GHz Core 2 Duo
ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB

Now, I realize that my current machine is far, far more powerful and much better as far as a workhorse. I know it's a pretty major downgrade in hardware, that's not really my question. Most of the time, honestly I simply listen to music, browse the web, email ( a lot ), edit home videos, and watch Netflix. My only concern is the fact that I am not Mac savvy at all. I don't know if those specs are decent when it comes to running OS X or the applications I'd need to do what I want.

The main benefits I can see so far, is that number one, it will save so much clutter on the desk. I would really like that. With the way I now use my computer since my career change, I don't need the power, and as long as this iMac is still capable of doing most things, it's really an attractive option to me. What experience I have with OS X, it seems to be a really amazing OS. It seems snappier than my desktop, even with specs that far below, probably simply due to the fact that it's OS X and doesn't seem to require as much muscle behind it.

Like I said, it would likely be a year or so before I'd really be able to seriously consider purchasing a brand new iMac. Would this machine be capable and a good option in the time between?
You have a nice, not great Windows machine and you're considering trading it for a much less powerful computer iMac..

The iMac will do what you want now and likely in the future.

i7 2600
Nvidia 560 ti?
Some HD's

If you're going to keep the storage it'll need to be external therefore clutter.
I don't think I'd make that trade particularly if it's a k processor. The 67/68/77 chipsets really are the best in a lone time.

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