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Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
The link I provided should get you to the AHT.
thanks for the help but i read the article and
i don't see how i can get the aht to work
i don't have original disc to boot off and its not installed on the hard drive anywhere
i CAN get hold of a retail copy of snow leopard or retail copy of lion,
will i be able to get it off one of them.
I've been monitoring, activity monitor a lot along with temperature and memory usage.
i notice a process called cfbakd was using a lot of cpu, after a read up on google it appears it was left over from when disk drill was installed so i deleted all its traces,
i also noticed when time machine was left on, it pushed temp and cpu up a lot. so i disabled it, and just switch it on and back up say every couple of hours, then switch it off again
as i mentioned in an earlier post, i would like to do a clean install of lion is this wise.?
it was never recommended in windows to upgrade os, but with mac it seem to be normal
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