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I bought a used Mac Mini 5,1 that has a Seagate 5400RPM 320GB disk with Core i5 2.3Ghz and 4GB RAM running Lion.

The issue is the system lags pretty badly. If I click on couple of applications one after other, the spinning top appears and stays for a few seconds.

Now, I am ready to swap the 5400RPM disk for a newer 7200RPM or even a SSD. But before I do that is there anything else I can test to make sure the HDD is the bottleneck. The reason I am not so sure about HDD being the bottleneck is because I have an older Mac Mini that shipped with Intel Core Duo and it originally had a 5400RPM disk too. But even with SL, it never lagged the way the new Mac Mini does.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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