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I have a total of 29 apps on my iPad 2, and that's INCLUDING the 20 default apps I can't erase.

I've only gone out of my way to download 9 other apps: iBooks, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Nook, Kindle, Sudoku, Goodreads, Comics, and Camera+.

I mainly use my iPad as an ereader, so I basically use iBooks 90% of the time. I also have a subscription of The New Yorker, which is in Newsstand, along with The New York Times (which was there by default).

And yet this is all the space they take up:

Isn't that a LOT of space being taken up by just a few additional apps? I know people who have pages and pages of apps, but I barely have the second page filled!

Before all this, I tried erasing about five other applications that I never used, yet the memory stayed exactly the same.

I was going to add my music library to the tablet, but then it went way over capacity (I have 1,329 songs).

Does anybody know why my apps are taking up so much room?

Edit: By comparison, my iPhone 4S has 48 apps, and this is the breakdown:

Both my iPad and iPhone have 16GB. I just don't get why the apps are taking up so much space on the tablet and so little on the phone.
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