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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
That's a very strange problem you have, I've never heard the like before.

Are we talking about the built-in keyboard on the MacBook Pro? Are you saying (I couldn't quite understand your initial post) that despite the thread title the keyboard sometimes doesn't work OUTSIDE of using Photoshop? Do you mean the drawing tablet is the common thread or ... ?

What happens when you plug in a USB keyboard (any one will do) and use that? Any difference?
I'm sorry if I didn't explain well, my main language is no english.

The keyboard stops working when I'm using Photoshop, and mainly, when I use my tablet. But as I said, yesterday I wasn't using the tablet, but it stopped working anyway. And It doesn't work outside Photoshop, and that means I'm not able to write anything. The only keys that seem to work are Shift and Cmd I think. When I really need I use the screen keyboard to see if it comes back to normal, and if not, I need to restart the computer to be able to use the keyboard again. I can't plug in an usb one because I don't have any...

So the reason of the problem is when I'm using Photoshop, but then I can't use the keyboard outside the program too. Hope I explained better this time
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