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To compare what all they have, I'd recommend MacTracker at the following link:

Mactracker - Get Info on any Mac

If you click on an item the "General" option will show the processor, which is usually highlighted. If it's highlighted, benchmarks exist and a link will show up showing general benchmark stats. You can also get a lot of other information from it about video cards, etc.

Comparing a Mac Pro to a Mac Mini performance wise is kind of like comparing a Ferrari to a Toyota Prius, even if it's a reasonably old Mac Pro. I would be more worried about the Mac Pro's being old and having some "issues" like a faulty power supply, old and maybe failing optical and hard drives, etc. etc.

You might want to do a google on Mac Pro reliability to see if there are any abnormal posts about problems with them. Beware though, people seldom post if everything is working great, only when they have problems.

Hope this helps!
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