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I really hope I can explain this well so it could be understood. Here goes...

Im having an issue with disk images and installing. When I download something like a program, it'll download as a disk image. When I click the icon that little drive pops up and the program works.

Here's the problem... Usually when I click the disk image icon a little window will pop up to install the program onto the HD. You usually drag some other graphic or icon onto something to get the program to install on the computer. That's not happening. Any program that is a disk image just wont install. So I always have to keep the downloaded disk image file, click on it, get the little white HD icon then click on that to get the program to run. but, it wont install to the Hard drive anymore.

So basically it will down load the program, but never install it. This just stared to happen. Any ideas as to why, or what I could do? What could I be doing wrong?

I hope this makes some sense. If someone could help it'll be appreciated. I really dont want to keep all these disk image icons on my desk-top to use a program.

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