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Okay, we returned the MBP to exchange it for the new 2012 version (base model $1,099) same price as he 2011 model. I also returned the SSD to exchange for a new one and the RAM chips as the 2011 RAM is not compatible with the 2012 MBP.

I got both in about a day apart and then the RAM two days later. I started the MBP as is and went through the set up, once in there I plugged in the new Crucial SSD with a SATA to USB adapter that came with the cloning software. I formatted the SSD with the Erase option in Disk Utility and restarted the MBP.

At the start up I pressed Command-R for the Recover windows at start up, I went through those steps just like I did on the previous SSD, it was taking a while so I left over night. In the morning the MBP had restarted itself and was on the initial setup phase again. We went through the set up again, the SSD had gotten the Lion reinstall perfectly. I restarted the Mac using the SSD as the start up disk, the boot time was about 15 seconds and the shut off to restart time was about 23.5 sec.

Later that day after work in opened the back cover and replaced the stock 500 GB HDD with the new Crucial 256 GB SSD and the stock 4 GB RAM chips with the 8 GB chips. Put everything back together again and the MBP was ready for action.

The install was simple with the reinstall of Lion OSX taking the most time - I can't say how much time as I left the computer to do its business over night.

I will say the the first Crucial SSD that i got was one with the "M4 - Solid State Drive" logo on it, the replacement, which is the same part number, is one with "Crucial" logo on the top left hand corner. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but the install went way more smoothly on this SSD. It is also the same SSD I installed on my Mac Mini last year.
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