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Yesterday I got an Email saying that my credit card, shipping address, and phone number was changed, but however, I didn't change them. Someone else did, and nobody else knows my password. The address was changed to somewhere in california, and the credit card was not mine.
There was a 2 purchase's made on the account, for some game (Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North, 365 Gems). $29.99 Each = $59.98 Total. I did not purchase this game. Someone must have got in my account and made the purchase. From the Emails that Apple sends, there is no warning thing that says something like "if you didn't purchase this game, go here".

The credit card was on another one, not mine, but still I don't want to be charged $59.98 for a game I don't want. From the looks of it, no purchase was made on my debit card, but face of the matter is being is that someone else got into my account, and now I trust Apple much less now with my account.

What I want to do is remove my debit card from iTunes, because I never buy anything anyway, just to be safe. But Apple doesn't let that happen. What can I do so nobody can get into my account again?

I all ready changed my password
Changed my information back to what is mine (Debit card, shipping information, phone number)

Is there anything else I can do?

And just a BQ question. If there was a purchase made that I didn't make, is it possible to get my money back from Apple? Or will I be screwed?
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